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Dark Elf


“Dark Elf” is the solo psy-trance project of Dimitri, who is a half french half-greek electronic music producer.
Since 2003 is a pioneer project of the genre,
worldwide recognized through musical presence and appearances globally.

His studies on sound engineering, developed his ability to create powerful sounds.
His first track”Stop The Drop” was out in 2005 and 5 years later after numerous releases,
he released a full length album “World Liquid Domination” at Discovalley Records Goa.

He participated as a Co-founder and sound engineer in the Sonic Loom Collective,
where he released his personal EP “New Era” in 2013.

He is also working on the dub solo project “Fugitive Factor”
and he is an active member in Vlastur’s band.

Enjoy… !



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